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From a few prayers, a few songs and a few people, the seeds of Jericho Rising were planted just over four years ago. Thankfully, those humble beginnings have grown into a living, breathing music ministry of volunteer musicians, vocalists, artists, and technicians who graciously offer their spiritual gifts of time and talent.

What began as just a contemporary praise & worship band has now become a vehicle to serve the local church and the community through creative expression in addition to a powerful fellowship of believers who are dedicated to leading people toward the presence of God.

Some of our growth may be attributed to the absence of profit motive. Jericho Rising is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers. Proceeds from all worship services, concerts, and events go directly to the local church, its mission, or active charity. What's more, Jericho Rising is not tethered to a specific bricks and mortar facility and freely avoids beaurocratic conflicts and denominational agendas.

Entering our tenth year, as we welcome new leadership and fresh ideas, there is a renewed sense of energy and committment to outreach. Won't you join us in the big adventure?