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It's no secret that contemporary Christian rock bands tend to lean toward modern branding styles of an edgy, abstract, and mysterious nature. Along these lines, the City of Jericho has a rich and ominous biblical story complete with spies, curses, and kings - all the necessary ingredients to pique the attention of today's capricious music audience.

Branding aside, the story of Jericho in Joshua1-27 is a treasure-trove of deep and meaningful spiritual truths whereas God continues to lead his people to victory against insurmountable odds. In scripture, the victory is achieved by specifically following His instruction to circle the walls on the 7th day and create one simultaneous sound. One might consider this similar to a congregation coming together for praise and worship on Sunday morning and reaching the heart of a lost and suffering soul. Our voices will need to suffice in substitution for rams horns.

Now to the word “rising” in the name of the group. After all, the scripture is very clear that God has no intention of the city of Jericho “rising” as a community of people again without dire consequences - specifically, the lives of the first and second born sons of the new land owners! What's more, ever since Joshua cursed the land with God's permission, there are accounts - even scientific evidence - of attempts to rebuild on this location which have been unsuccessful. Yet the simple word "rising" is defined as "going up; getting higher" used without intention of suggesting "walls rising." Let's picture instead God's people rising from sleep and standing and lifting their voices in song. The fellowship of Jericho Rising and the congregations it serves are comprised of God's "soldiers" who have, in varying degrees and ways, suffered life's battles and curses and have been lifted up and out - through God's infinite grace and mercy - of sometimes self-made destruction and smoldering ash into a new life. We might consider that if it had not been for divine providence in the form of God's "curse" on the old life, we may be still busy in our futile attempt to build a feeble city on old land. This concept can be applied to extended periods of our life, or daily as we work to build God's church.

And so, as the name suggests, the "Jericho Rising" music ministry continues to flourish in its mission, fellowship and outreach in keeping with the Sunday lyrics which have become a mantra-like testament to our commitment to serve: "People of God, rise up. Rise up and shine. God's love. We are the light of the world."